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Chinese Language

To enhance the ability of listening and speaking, reading and writing, intellect and aesthetics, and cultivate life-long ability and interest to learn the language independently.


To provide diversified music learning experiences and high quality music education for the growth and development of the students according to their age and ability.

General Studies /
Liberal Studies

To enhance personal understanding and raise awareness towards society, country and the world; explore science and technology, and cultivate positive attitudes and values.

Visual Arts

To expand the tactile and visual experiences of the students and inspire their interests in Arts, use their hands to feel and explore the shapes, structures and textures of different artwork, cultivate their ability to observe and appreciate, encourage self-expression and the confidence to create.


To develop mathematical knowledge, skills and attitudes and cultivate the ability and confidence in the use of Mathematics.

Physical Education

To learn through body movement, reduce sitting time and strengthen the body.

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