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Staff Professional Development

Staff Professional Development Team provides a wide variety of training activities for staff based on the developmental goal of ‘Professional development and interactive sharing’.

  1. To offer training courses for new staff, e.g. orientation and mobility training, low vision training, braille training and lifting skills training in order to accommodate the developmental needs of students and the school

  2. To enhance professional knowledge and skills of staff through annual thematic training and workshops

  3. To facilitate development of learning and teaching and professional skills through thematic sharing on learning and teaching, collaborative lesson preparation and peer lesson observation

  4. To have sharing on DIY teaching aids and case study of students to display different teaching resources

  5. To organize workshops of middle management in order to enhance leadership and administrative skills

  6. To assign staff members to join different off-campus professional training courses, e.g. learning circles, medical seminars, ‘Healthy School Programme’, to equip them with professional knowledge and skills, so as to help students build up positive attitudes towards life

  7. To visit other schools and mainland special schools, and join exchange programmes with them

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