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Professional Rehabilitation Therapy Departments:

Occupational Therapy Department

Occupational therapy aims at improving students’ functional independence in daily lives.  The occupational therapists use therapeutic activities and rehabilitation aids to enhance students’ hand function, sensory, pre-vocational and independent living skills.


Major Services

  1. Upper limb and hand function training

  2. Independent living skills training

  3. Seating assessment and training

  4. Sensory integration training

  5. Pre-vocational training

  6. Design and fabrication of rehabilitation aids and equipment


Modes of training

  1. Individual training: To develop student’s potentials based on individualized training

  2. Group training: To have work training and living skills training in a group basis every week

  3. Lesson collaboration: To have cross-disciplinary collaboration with teachers and teaching assistants and encourage students to integrate skills learnt in individual training into daily routine


Other services:

  1. To purchase suitable rehabilitation aids for students

  2. To train staff and enhance their professional knowledge and skills

  3. To have regular home visits of students, make suggestions according to the assessment of their home-based equipment and guide parents to have home-based training with students

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