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Boarding Section

The boarding section has come into operation since 1978. It has provided 51 places of residential services, including 22 places for 7-day boarders.

It aims at facilitating learning of students with visual impairment cum intellectual and physical disabilities through environmental adaptation. Individual Care Plan and routine training are also provided in accordance with individual needs and learning difficulties of students. In order to develop independent living skills and enhance self-care abilities of students, the boarding section provides home skills and nursing services with daily routine, including self-care skills, rehabilitation training and domestic skills. Besides, it offers various types of activities for boarders to experience social life.


Major Services

  • Residential service, provision of meals and laundry service

  • Basic nursing care

  • Individual training: Personal hygiene, self-care skills, orientation and mobility training, domestic skills, interpersonal skills, sensory training and behavioural counselling

  • Homework guidance and extended training

  • Educational and developmental groups: Interest classes, game group, health education, volunteer service and social skills training

  • Festival activities, performance night party, religious activities, volunteer visit and birthday party

  • Community engagement

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