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School Social Worker

School social worker, school-based educational psychologist and counselling team provide support services for students and parents according to their individual needs. They also facilitate communication between parents and the school, and work on maintaining a healthy and pleasant learning environment and growth path for students.


Works for students

  • Follow up on intakes and adaptation support of new admissions

  • Referral of adult services for senior secondary students

  • Arranging preparation before graduation and pathways after graduation of pre-graduates

  • Regular case conferences to discuss students’ educational and rehabilitation plans with different departments and parents

  • Student mentoring scheme to develop peer relationship between senior and junior students

Works for parents

  • Counselling and support for parents

  • Application for resources and referral for families in need

  • Coordinate activities of Parent Staff Association to facilitate parent-school cooperation and communication

  • Organize activities for families and parent education courses regularly

Community network

  • Facilitate and coordinate volunteer service

  • Receive group and parent visits

  • Organize exchange programmes with other organizations of rehabilitation and special education

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