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Professional Rehabilitation Therapy Departments:

Physiotherapy Department

The physiotherapy department aims at enhancing our students’ health fitness and functional independence for joining different school and community activities. Our physiotherapists mainly adopt exercise therapy to improve our students’ physical functions, e.g. range of motion, strength, balance and mobility level.


Training Aspects

  1. Muscle stretching and joint mobilization

  2. Normalization of muscle tone

  3. Muscle strengthening

  4. Balance and co-ordination

  5. Cardiopulmonary function

  6. Postural re-education

  7. Mat activities

  8. Sitting, standing and walking

  9. Transfer skills

  10. Health Fitness

  11. Community skill


Modes of Training

  1. Individual session

  2. Group therapy: Stretching class, strength class, co-ordination class etc.

  3. Collaboration class: To Co-operating with PE and O&M teachers to provide integration training

  4. Routine training: To Integrating standing exercise, walking training and stretching exercise into daily routine

  5. Home and dormitory training


Other services

  1. To perform regular assessments and set individualized training goals and plans

  2. To provide staff training and supervise daily routine training

  3. To arrange regular home visits and teach parents about home exercise program and home environment modification

  4. To arrange orthopaedic clinic visits for students and communicate with doctors directly

   5. To repair and modify rehabilitation aids and 


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