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心光慈善Fun Fun Day


話咁快又一年啦,十二月又係我哋嘅大型籌款活動。今年我哋除咗繼續網上步行籌款外,更加喺十二月四日(星期日)舉行心光慈善Fun Fun Day,等一眾嘉賓朋友一齊嚟參與體驗活動,增加對視障人士嘅理解,建立共融社會。今日開始報名啦,希望到時見到大家啦!(有關活動詳情,請參閱以下網址)

Wow, time flies. It's been another year of our mass fundraising event. This year, not only that we will continue the online walkathon, but we'll also organise the Charity Fun Day on 4 Dec 2022 (Sun) at which you can enjoy our experiential activities. Registration begins today. Can't wait to see you! (Please refer to the link below for details)

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